Worth It Farms, LLC

BGS Registered Guernseys Goats

Chris & Kristy Smith
-------Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268

Guernseys on Spring Pasture

Guernseys in field Fall 2017

BGS Registered Guernsey Goats

We are focused on preserving the rare genetics of the Golden Guernsey, by breeding British Guernseys here in the United States. We utilize our does for a microdairy and creamery, because without utilizing them, they are at risk of extinction. We raise our animals as naturally as possible, we do not disbud, vaccinate, or treat prophylactically for coccidia. We use herbal wormers, FAMANCHA scoring, and fecal testing to keep worm loads to a minimum. This hearty breed needs very little "treatment" to flourish - one of the many reasons we love them. Visit us to get some GOLD!

We have Karakachan Puppies!

Our guardians have decided to continue their legacy with a new litter expected on Valentine's Day. The puppies will be KDAA & AKDA registered. Our female is heavy on Mikhail of Beechkeld and our male is from a diverse background out of Running River Ranch. They will be exposed to ALL the critters on the farm with an emphasis on small fowl and goats. They will be born at nearly the same time as our baby goats, so they should have lots of exposure.