Storm Dancer Farm

Eric and Margaret Chamas
18750 County Rd WSmithville, MO 64089
Our "boys"!

Our Goatzz page here lists animal profiles and breeding plans. 2018 kids will start arriving the end of March!

Reach out to us here or through the Goats On The Go page ( for more information about brush grazing. We cover Clay, Platte, Clinton, and Buchanan counties in Missouri, but with extra planning can do projects in an extended area.

Keep up with the farm through our Facebook page:

Our grazing/brush goat herd features Kiko and Boer X foundation does and is still growing. Our browsers are sturdy and parasite-resistant, independent but still willing to come say hello! They rely primarily on brush and grass or hay for feed, but still know what a bucket of grain is, to ensure adequate energy during the winter. Breeding stock and meat animals will be available in the future.

Our dairy herd gets as much grass as we can manage, but they are supplemented with grain to keep up condition and to provide for intense energy demands of producing so much milk. Right now we have a few Ober foundation does (including one black) and a gorgeous (experimental) chestnut buck. Our British Guernsey population is small but growing, thanks to the support of other nearby breeders. We hope to use quality Ober and chestnut genetics as breed-ups in the British Guernsey program, hoping to improve udder attachment and conformation without sacrificing the Guernseys' compact size, grazing ability, gentle temperament, and rich gold color. We think our chestnuts will be a great asset to the breed-up program!

Plans and offerings for 2018 include:
- introduction and expansion of brush grazing with GOTG
- breeding stock for sale: show-quality Oberhasli crosses (Ober x British Guernsey and Experimental chestnut Obers) and British Guernseys
- pastured beef
- pastured poultry and Thanksgiving turkeys - contact early if interested!
- goat-milk soaps

Welcome to the farm!

SDF is a small family farm producing healthy Oberhasli and British Guernsey dairy goats, some pastured Highland and mixed-breed beef cattle, and now offering targeted brush grazing services.