— The Guernsey Goat Breeders of America Team

Prairie Trail Saanens-Zehavi Guernseys

Beth Clappison
438755 E 340 RDBig Cabin, OK 74332

I have been breeding goats for almost 15 years. This venture started in the deserts of Arizona with Boer goats and eventually was relocated to north eastern Oklahoma where I decided to have dairy goats instead of the meat goats. I have had Nubians, Alpines, Saanens and Guernseys over the years and have decided to focus my attention on the Saanens and Guernseys.

The Saanen herd is comprised of both Purebred and American goats. The Guernsey herd is a work in progress and I will be using some Saanen genetics to breed up to American Guernsey. The Saanens are all registered with the ADGA and the Guernseys are registered with the BGS and will be ADGA registered once ADGA gets the herd book created for the Guernseys.

Quality Dairy Goats

Breeder of Purebred and American Saanens and British Guernsey Goats. Herd is on DHI, tested CAE negative, and is Linear Appraised annually.